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Product design

Design of new products takes place in the shape of Project Planning. Wide experience together with high competence secures safe handling of projects. Using a SolidWorks (CAD) system we are able to deal with most version of software. PlaCell ab has the resources for simulation of the Injection Moulding with a Mouldflow computer system. We give priority in working together with tool producers where through a long relationship customers get access to quick service and high competence. At the selection of a tool maker we try to summarize the overall efficiency of costs.
We consult our selection of preferable tool suppliers with our clients in each individual project. Besides a well thought out corporation with a number of Swedish suppliers, we have also worked out contacts in Europe and Asia.


Injection Moulding

Our range of injection moulding machines is equipped with the latest technology. At present PlaCell ab has a range of 39 machines with a locking force ranging
between 35 and 350 tons, with an injection volume of up to 0.5 litre. Some of the Injection Moulding machines are specially designed to produce products in Multi-colour or Multi-material (double injection).

The injection moulding machines are equipped with modern ancillary equipment, such as; robot, dryer and band conveyor. A lot of products will be completed directly by the machine or through
an assembly procedure.

Simulation – Of course!

By simulating the injection moulding process at an early stage it will result in a cost effective overall solution. We are using a simulation program from Moldflow
and the first simulation often takes place at the idea stage or in connection with quotation.
As a further link in our “chain of value” within Moldflow, we are able to proceed by offering analyses of warping and hold pressure.


PlaCell ab has a separate department within its facility for adaptation and assembly. Injection moulded products are occasionally adapted for printing, etc. We are equipped with machines for thermo tampo-printing as well as welding. Thermo-printing is possible on arched surfaces such as handles or switches. A number of plastic products are often assembled into complete components, where furthermore other purchased parts may be included.

This all leads to optimized efficiency for our clients in terms of quality and logistics


Running orders are handled through a well thought out logistic system. We receive orders, delivery plans and invoice through EDI since a long time.

We are continually updating our MPS system for optimization.

Tool shop

PlaCell ab has its own department responsible for service and maintenance of existing tools. This department has high priority in the company. After each production phase all tools are serviced and properly stored in a fire protected storage facility. The tool shop has capacity also to produce new tools. The tool shop is equipped with conventional machines for turning, grinding, milling and spark eroding, CNC controlled milling machines etc.

Numeric preparations and control (CAM) is handled by MasterCam.


PlaCell ab has a separate maintenance department and invests a lot of resources on preventive maintenance.
In order to minimise the risk of down time we have an internal resource for continuous service and maintenance of the injection moulding machines and
other ancillary equipment. Also there is investment to achieve a long term solution to secure delivery from our equipment and safe production for our customers.