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PlaCell ab is an injection moulding company working as subsupplier and employs approximately 40 people with a turnover in the range of SEK 90 million and the Business is now located in it’s own building.
PlaCell ab is continuously investing and making improvements in order to secure a stable ground of efficiency, optimized locality and production equipment. The staff of PlaCell ab works with key words, such as; experience, competence and engagement, this all results in strategic and long lasting relationships with our Customers and Suppliers.


Long tradition and experience, together with continuous investments in order to improve production resources, in combination with forward planning when it concerns new techniques, has resulted in a stable platform in order to reach our customers need for QUALITY, COMPETENCE, LOGISTICS and BACK-UP.


PlaCell ab is a relatively new company with a long tradition and experience gained from one of the pioneers within Injection Moulding in Scandinavia Celluloid ab, which was founded back in 1920.
Placell ab was founded in 1990 by three employees Celluloid who continued with the business in Gislaved, in connection with new ownership and tradition of Celluloid ab. Initially PlaCell ab had 20 employees from the previous Company, with an annual turnover of barely SEK 12 million in a rented building. At present PlaCell ab employs approximately 43 people with a turnover in the range of SEK 90 million and the Business is now located in it’s own building. The Business includes a unique knowledge and especially distinguished Injection Moulding machines for the production of Multi-material and Multi-colour within the same product.